About Dominic Streatfeild

We have taken up the reigns where Dominic left off. While we may not have his unique gift of writing, or his extensive background of research, we do share his interest in topics that so often inspired, informed and entertained.

His published works often address controversial topics from the point of view that stimulates the reader to think from different perspectives. Offering food for thought that others have yet to put on the plate is what makes Streatfeild’s interests our own and worth pursuing in our articles.

His readers are drawn in by his take on military and security issues, brainwashing, conspiracy theories, mind control, drugs. He is a man of many words, and we hope we do him justice in representing his works in our articles.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, he attended King’s College London. Dominic has had several documentaries produced on BBC, and as a freelance journalist has brought attention to the backside of what the news media often neglects to report. As a published author, Streatfeild has given us four unique books of intrigue and well researched facts of the underworld of our prominent societies. From the subject of cocaine in his book entitled Cocaine: An Unauthorized Biography featuring the life of George Jung the international trafficker played by Johnny Depp in the film Blow, to uncovering never told stories of behind the scenes political warfare in A History Of The World Since 9/11 his literary offerings are rich.

This site in not about filling the shoes of Dominic Streatfeild, but rather to continue to explore topics that this writer and others who contribute to these articles find interesting. Brainwashing and mind control, how we have all been manipulated by the powers that be and the way all of our lives are controlled in the hidden world of subliminal marketing, and monetary agendas are examples. The articles are often based on presumptions and not facts. Remember that the liberty taken by our writers is summized from the hidden rather than the obvious. We will favor the possibilities rather than the pronounced circumstances.

Please enjoy our posts and feel free to leave comments below letting us know what you thought of the article.