Why Fluoride In Drinking Water?

Drinking Water

Having lived a good portion of my life in the US, I am very aware of the ongoing and the vast array of conversations about water. There are issues with drought, flooding, contamination, water rights and even stealing, but the conversation that many people neglect to have is the one about fluoridation. While I find myself disturbed by the fact that most people turn a blind eye to this use of fluorides in our public water systems, I am equally disturbed that municipalities do it at all.

Too often we blindly trust that our government has our best interest at the base of their decisions. Not to paint with too wide of a brush, but we all know only too well that that is not always the case. I don’t mean to sound overly cynical, but it often appears that their true interest lies in lead generation and alliances which promote their own self interests.

Seventy percent of all US municipalities add fluoride to their water systems. Less than a half dozen other countries in the world fluoridate the water – and of them not 100% of their entire country. People are beginning to wonder why we need it at all in the US?

The idea of putting fluoride in the water was first introduced as a measure to prevent tooth decay. It’s a medical treatment. The 70 % of US households using municipal water are being treated medically without any individual consent. Yes, of course, many have the option to buy bottled water or install a filter system, but most of us do not have such an option. It’s not a known statistic as to how many of the 185 million people are actually aware of the health issues that fluoride presents, but the knowledge is spreading.

As we have seen and heard on the numerous TV advertisements by pharmaceutical companies like Pfiser, Roche, Novartis, to name a few, have been mandated to list all the side effects and warnings that come along when taking the drug they are marketing. I don’t think we have ever gotten such a courtesy from city governments on the effects of adding fluoride to the water. Without informed consent are we supposed to just be led blindly?

For the past 60 years that fluoride has been widely added, there has been little testing to conclude it as beneficial as originally touted. It has been shown however, that tooth decay in low-income areas has not dropped since its addition. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention has finally come out with an admission that swallowing fluoride does not protect our teeth. Its most effective application is topical and not systemic. Therefore, toothpaste is a better source of fluoride rather than ingesting it through the water supply.

What are some of the suspected unintended consequences?
Infants are most at risk since they consume the highest amounts per body weight through formulas. Dental fluorosis a condition that shows up in the discoloration of tooth enamel, and is a bi-product of getting too much fluoride in the diet.

Dental fluorosis can appear in later years as the child grows presenting itself as white spots, pitting and a permanent and intrinsic darkening. This condition is systematic of a wider range of problems. Studies done by the National Research Council concluded “It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.”

The Environmental Protection Agency upon review of the studies listed fluoride among approximately 100 other chemicals showing substantial evidence of promoting developmental neurotoxicity. There have been over 100 experiments done on animals, providing proof that shows fluoride impacting cognitive thinking. Animals who were ingesting fluoride at the same consumption rate as a average household user were found to have brain damage that impacted learning and behavior.

I have just touched the base of this mountainous subject. There are more studies and research that has been done that strongly indicates negative physical associations with fluoride use. The question that arises is; Why? If studies have concluded that fluoride is harmful or even remotely harmful, why hasn’t it been pulled from our water source? What is the real agenda?

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