Conspiracy Theories

The Global Elite

global elite

It’s healthy to be a little bit skeptical and not simply accept everything at face value. Questioning authority is not a bad thing, in fact from this writer’s point of view, it should be a given. If we mindlessly accept all the information dished out through advertising, the news media, which feed on propaganda carefully measured out by governments and large corporate concerns, we would reduce ourselves to mindless puppets. That may be their goal, but one every individual should guard against.

There have been under stirrings for decades, perhaps centuries, about a global elite ruling class. As conspiracy theorist proclaim, this group is made up of a very few upper echelon families who control all the banking concerns, the boardrooms of Wall Street, the press, the drug companies – legal and illegal, the educational system, our food and water supplies. Essentially these families cover Corporate, Political and Academic world houses. Moving pieces around like a big game of chess, they deftly shift the power out of the control of the people and ultimately into the hands of those who want globalization. Leaving us, en masse, at the mercy of a relative few. From small local businesses like a Fayetteville tree service company to larger corporations, every aspect of life that keeps us alive is under the auspices of the global elite.

One of the greatest keep-aways, is the cure for cancer. With billions being made by profiting off of cancer this cash cow continues to thrive. A disease that survives and plagues modern society keeps our health in the grips of a few. There have been countless testimonials of different cures submitted over the years that eradicate cancer, but none have reached mainstream medicine. With the billions of dollars spent over the decades on research and development employing thousands of great minds from every corner of science, we still don’t have a cure. This seems illogical. The one thing that isn’t lost on the theorists is that the global elite usually are not taken by cancer. Why has it circumvented this circle of families?

A recent case in point is that of Dr. Samuel Chachoua whose research in cancer and AIDS is groundbreaking. Dr. Sam Chachoua is an Australian Medical Doctor registered not only in Australia, but also England, Mexico, China along with the small country of Comoros with three decades of international studies. Dr. Chachoua “developed, isolated and enhanced a library of organism that could be used to create vaccines and therapies to eradicate cancer and AIDS.” His work drew the attention of Cedar Sinai Medical Center and UCLA under the auspices that they would get it registered with the FDA. This is a first step to getting it to John Q. Public. After intensive trials, both Cedar Sinai and UCLA were sufficiently impressed and published Dr. Chachoua’s work as their own.

They patented it to keep others from copying it, and left the Doctor out of the loop all together. Too bad the Doctor didn’t have the wisdom to have good legal counsel prior to entering into any relationships with these establishments. He sued in Federal Court and won, but the damage was irreversible as they destroyed all the cultures that they were in charge of safe-keeping. What do you speculate was their motive? Money, control, power? That pretty much would sum it up. Who instructed the medical scientists to take this action? Surely there was at least one good and descent Board Member that saw the lives that could be saved, so why was this treated carelessly and irresponsibly?

It is believed by conspiracy theorists that there was too much to lose worldwide with a cure for cancer. This author doesn’t know if Dr. Chachoua was in fact taken down the road of deception by Cedar Sinai Medical Center and UCLA, but stories similar to this have surfaced for at least the last 100 years.

The ongoing belief that there is a small number of organized global players who want to rule over the world’s population first came to the theorist’s attention in 1959 with the establishment of the Council of Foreign Relations. Also at the center of the global drivers is the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzesinski. They established the New International Economic Order. Determined that the only course of action was a one world government. By secret invitation only 300 members from across the globe are privy to the inside workings of the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations.

This where the story begins, but where does it end? Do you believe that there is such a thing a a select few desiring world domination. Do you think that our health, finances, education is being manipulated by a chosen few for private gain. This writer does. Look forward to a continuation of this subject in future blog posts.