Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

Chemtrails-ColorsConspiracy theories abound. I’m willing to draw the conclusion that as long as there have been humans on the planet someone, somewhere mistrusted the motives of another. This hasn’t necessarily proven to be a bad thing.

To keep it within the boundaries of possible realities some of the popular conspiracy theories which have bounced around over the past two centuries are not that hard of a stretch to phantom. However, there are others that are so far left of field, it’s hard to take them seriously.

As a whole the history of the human race has proven itself as an untrustworthy lot. In this author’s mind it’s important that we question major events that affect societies around the world. If we allow ourselves to be spoon fed some of the preposterous notions that are delivered like a party bus kitchener of media would do, we are asking for trouble.

When we lose our individual right to express and question the upper echelon of any governing body, then we lose the right to freedom. In the next several articles I will be exploring a few of the conspiracy theories that have left this author wondering.

What is really behind the streaks of white vapor left by military jets that linger in our skies for hours? This is a question that hasn’t been sufficiently addressed by scientists. The scientific community at this time states that the trails are normal, water based condensation trails.

As a child, I don’t recall the vapor trails left by jets lasting for hours, or do I recall them streaking the sky in such prolific abundance. Despite the mounting evidence suggesting there is something out of the ordinary going on, scientists are turning a blind eye to what appears to be a possible cover-up. They simply don’t have the time of research funds to investigate further.

Known as chemtrails, these supposedly innocuous white jet trails have been under suspicion for the past several years. It has been in the past decade that these trails have been more noticeable. Individuals on the ground are submitting reports of the “vapor” spreading into wider, fluffier billows that hang in the sky despite the weather conditions and making many of us wonder.

According to theorists, chemtrails are chemicals and biological agents being fused into our atmosphere via high flying aircraft propulsion systems. Since there is no hardcore evidence as to a motive, conspiracy theorists naturally turn to a government plot designed to control its citizens through chemical hazing in an effort to poison us, affect our biological make-ups, weather control experiments and to dumb us down.

Frankly, when you look at all the other ways we are manipulated using advertising, food and subliminal messaging, it’s not that much of a reach. In this case I think it’s healthy to be asking questions. One of the arguments that goes against the use of chemicals to contaminate soil and the atmosphere states that the altitude the planes fly at would not support the stability of any chemical it releases. The break-up and disillusionment of harmful toxins take place long before it would reach the ground.

Yet soil samples taken in the areas of “chemtrail” activity yield high contents of aluminum salts, barium, thorium, silicon carbide and polymer fibers. These findings to date have been discounted as not enough substantial evidence to bring about a more thorough investigation.

Nonetheless, it is the wise who question the unusual. No matter if it takes us down a rabbit hole of an over active imagination or to the real truth of a matter – we should never stop questioning. This is our world, and we are the only stewards of this planet. Theories are ways to gauge the authenticity of those who supposedly have our best interests at heart. Sadly, we have learned that not everyone is working on behalf of the whole.

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