News Media

The Media Rules


It has long been suspected that the media, as a whole is a deceptive organization. Conspiracies have run rampant for decades, and simple common sense of the people has infiltrated the masses enough now alerting us not to believe everything we read.

Deceptive reporting was first brought to public attention when Operation Mockingbird, designed and implemented by the US Central Intelligence Agency in the early 1950s was uncovered. It was exposed as the clandestine activity of those who wanted to dictate the opinions of the subscribers of news and general media. There are those who control the media, and want to sway public opinion. As early as Operation Mockingbird it was reported that reporters within large news organizations were paid to illegitimately influence domestic and foreign thinking.

Today thanks to technology, smart companies that leverage online lead generation are able to benefit from the psyche of the masses, we are at the mercy of being manipulated more than ever. The Central Intelligence Agency of the US was at the hub of these nefarious acts, but who pulled the strings of the CIA? The theorist believes the manipulations haven’t gone away, just made to look that way – until once again the truth is rearing up in the face of the controlled media.

The US Presidential campaign that began last year has been a stage to openly demonstrate against the prejudicial practices of the media. Some candidates, more than others have pointed to the unethical pattern of the media in its attempts to influence rather than just report. It has been observed that if a particular candidate doesn’t play by the rules of the media, the press will come after him or her in an attempt to destroy their character. Outright lies have been printed, and some retracted, but not without leaving a scar.

The media have been corrupted by their ownership, top management and major corporations. Printed and aired news stories are decided against a backdrop of what will benefit the news organization politically, and their bottom line. One presidential candidate in particular – I won’t mention any names, has pointed out that the media has just become a lapdog of the special interest groups within the government.

On the surface there are six corporations that control the US media: Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, CBS Corporation and NBC Universal. Back in 1983 over 50 companies owned the messages that we were fed on a daily basis. Over just a short period of just 33 years, our mainstream information sources have been narrowed down to six. Fortunately, other sources of news have recently entered the scene, mostly via the Internet. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo along with Clear Channel and others like it, are taking a strong foothold in delivering supposedly unadulterated information. Still many of these are backed by personal opinion, and even these news outlets must be viewed with discernment.

Power over the media has been concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Who is behind the scenes of these few? Its been said, control the food and water supply, medical aid, and the media, and you control the people.
There is a small consensus that believes that the power of the media strong arm are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interest and a small group of powerful banking houses.

It is purposed that they control the political parties, dictate political platforms by using the media to influence people’s support. In today’s Presidential race one candidate in particular is calling them out. He is being demonized for not playing by the usual rules, but he doesn’t care as much as he cares about exposing the powers that be for what they are trying to accomplish subversively in America. If this candidate gets elected the corruption led by the press will hopefully be less effective.

Only time will tell, but as far as conspiracy theories go, this is at the top of the list. We are puppets at the mercy of little minded men and women who only have their self interest in mind. Believe in this theory or not, but be sure to think openly. Draw your own conclusions, and be aware of blindly accepting anything the media feeds us.

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