Conspiracy Theories

global elite

It’s healthy to be a little bit skeptical and not simply accept everything at face value. Questioning authority is not a bad thing, in fact from this writer’s point of view, it should be a given. If we mindlessly accept all the information dished out through advertising, the news media, which feed on propaganda carefully measured out by governments and large corporate concerns, we would reduce ourselves to mindless puppets. That may be their goal, but one every individual should guard against.

There have been under stirrings for decades, perhaps centuries, about a global elite ruling class. As conspiracy theorist proclaim, this group is made up of a very few upper echelon families who control all the banking concerns, the boardrooms of Wall Street, the press, the drug companies – legal and illegal, the educational system, our food and water supplies. Essentially these families cover Corporate, Political and Academic world houses. Moving pieces around like a big game of chess, they deftly shift the power out of the control of the people and ultimately into the hands of those who want globalization. Leaving us, en masse, at the mercy of a relative few. From small local businesses like a Fayetteville tree service company to larger corporations, every aspect of life that keeps us alive is under the auspices of the global elite.

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